Gay Money Slave Wanted

Gay Money Slave WantedI’m a dominant master looking for a gay money slave to use like the pig he is.

If you’re the type who just can’t get enough of an arrogant, superior and ruthless man, than you’re in for a treat you worthless maggots.

Your place in life is working hard so that you can give me more and more cash over time as I continue to brainwash, abuse and train you to become a true to life gay money slave.

Don’t fight the urges. We both know you need to get cash raped on a regular basis.

Gay Money Slave Wanted for Abuse

You’ll find out soon enough that I’ll have you so addicted that only giving me your cash will be able to turn you on. That prick of yours will be limp constantly until I start draining that hard earned cash out of your wallet and bank accounts.

So bow the hell down and serve me now. It’s to get enslaved, just like you’ve always wanted.

Serve Your Master Now




  2. Id be a good cash bitch for a real MAN

  3. I think I’m the one you are looking for. Mail me my master, I’ll serve you the way you wanted.

  4. This faggot ATM is looking for a straight owner. You’re the man!

  5. Hello- I am seeking a Master to train me asap

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