Alpha Master for Fag Slaves to Serve

Alpha Master for Fag Slaves

There are some men that are made to rule over others such as an Alpha Master like me. I’m here for fag slaves to serve and submit to because that’s how it’s supposed to be.

Why in the world do you think you ended up craving dick and balls? So that you could serve a big straight man dick and his beautiful balls. Why else?

You can try to tell yourself otherwise but that would just be lying, so instead just realize an Alpha Master is what you and your holes need and want in life. You just want to be used like the fag you are!

Alpha Masters Ensure Fag Slaves Get Used

Dealing with a fellow fag isn’t going to result in the type of use a true fag slave deserves. It’s the pure pumping testosterone and hunger for sex that is within us straight guys that will give you what you really deserve; hard endless use at a moments notice.

When an Alpha Master needs to bust a nut he just grabs that fag and uses those holes however the hell he wants. That’s the type of intense use you need. The smash you face down into the couch and blast your hole till you squeal like the pig fag slaves that you are.

You think you can handle bowing down and worshiping a superior Alpha Master? Leave your comments or come and show me you’re worthy of it.

16 thoughts on “Alpha Master for Fag Slaves to Serve

  1. I need to kneel and be told what a cocksucking ass licking little faggot I am. I need for you to call me cocksucker, faggot, cunt, bitch and so much more. I NEED to be totally humiliated and put in my place (which is on all fours or on my knees) BEFORE I am allowed to suck your cock or rim your perfect asshole. I need and want to drink and wear your hot piss when you are done with me. I want it all over my body, my face, and in my hair. I NEED you, Sir, or better, you and as many friends as you want, to use me, abuse me and piss on me. PLEASE, SIR…
    Thank you,

  2. I am a worthless fag who wants to be exposed online. I really need to be told to write nasty fag shit all over me body. Please expose me master

  3. i will be your real life house fag and devote my entire life to you as your real faggot slave. u can use abuse humilate and degrade me how ever you want

  4. I always wanted to serve a real man and his friends. Unfortunately this dream has never come to happen. I need to be used, I need a real man to make me his property. I need to be degraded by him and all real men he ordered me to please. I need to have my place as a stupid soumitive slutty fucking faggot I am.

  5. Yes master in a faggot that only wants to serve and be of use to real men, superior alpha like you. Used however you think as hard as you want, and by whoever you let use me.

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