Ass Sniffing Gay Slaves

When it comes to gay humiliation there’s one thing I love to do to gay slaves. That is getting them into ass sniffing. You didn’t read it incorrectly, in fact many of you probably started trying to jack off just reading the headline.

But there is nothing more humiliating then making a grown gay man kneel down and start sniffing that man ass up. Even many of the slaves that acted like they wouldn’t like it found themselves craving it more and more over time. Before they knew it they were ass sniffing gay slaves too!

Ass Sniffing Gay Slaves

A man’s asshole like any part of his body deserves to be respected, appreciated and honored. Make sure all of you submissive queers understand that! Sniffing that butt hole is not only humiliating and pungent but it’s also a show of your devotion and willingness to please. Not to mention you’ll always be owned from that point forward.

Ass Sniffing Like a Good Slave Should

Show your master that submissive nature of yours and get used the way a real man uses all of his personal property — however the hell he wants. Of course you never try sniffing an ass without permission or getting told to unless you want to be at risk of punishment. This is a true privilege no matter how humiliating it seems. So embrace your destiny as an ass sniffing gay slave and thank your master for the honor.

Are you ready to start sniffing ass for the privilege of getting owned by a real man? Share your thoughts with us and remember to share this article with all the other pigs you know.

11 thoughts on “Ass Sniffing Gay Slaves

  1. Master,

    I am a gay slave and would consider it an honor to worship you and obey you. I will sniff your ass or do anything you tell me for the privilege of being submissive to you and being owned by you. Please treat me as the fag slave I am and dominate me any way you desire Master!

    slave Adam

  2. I am going crazy after seeing your pictures. All I can think of is paying you for the privilege of sniffing your asshole.

  3. I LOVE being an ASS EATER SUB and ASSPLAY FAGGOT…I embrace it…it is who I am. I desperately want to be your personal Ass Rimmer, licking and sucking your Tail hole several times a day to keep you clean. In particular I am looking for you to allow me to suck on your asshole. My long wet tongue will find your most sensitive sticky places.

  4. Any young masters near Missouri or states close by?
    I want to be slave and be dominated to sniff ass, have
    master face sit to me. And even mix in some rimming.
    I need a master so badly.

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