Big Dick Top Will Throttle Your Holes

Big Dick Top

You read it right, your dealing with a big dick top guy who will throttle your holes till you beg me to stop.

I love using you bottom pigboys like you really deserve.  That means I’ll use you like the two dick slots  you really are.

Handle a Big Dick Top

For me there is no other use for a bottom then as a sex toy. One that I can grab, toss around and plow into whenever I feel like it or my personal favorite just kicking back and letting them bob on this fat slab for awhile.

It’s nothing for me to get sucked for a hour straight without cumming so you better bring every trick you have because your going to work for this nut.

I am into everything from domination and humiliation to having my cock and ass worshiped as they should be. What are you into? Can you handle a big dick top like me knowing all about your kinky ass fantasies?

Come check out my profile and webcam today and see if you can handle how deep I can go.

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  1. hi I am sissy bottom bitch who would love to let you rape my ass and mouth and use me like the sissy bitch I am

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