Big Uncut Dicks Must Be Adored

Big Uncut Dicks

If you don’t already know; big uncut dicks must be adored. Sure there are circumcised cocks that are big and superior but all natural hung studs outnumber all others by far.

Whether it’s in adult videos, porn tube sites or gay pictures it’s clear to see most of the largest dicks you lay your eyes on are that of fat uncut dicks.

All it takes is a few minutes of time to browse some of these sources to find out for yourself but fortunately many of you already have an inclination that this is the case.

Men with big uncut dicks aren’t just normal guys they are superior studs who deserve praise and must be adored at all times. They are the epitome of what a real man is, a naturally hung stud.

Big Uncut Dicks are as Big as They Come

All of the jealous circumcised cocks will say things like, “You can’t see their heads!” or “They smell bad!” but this only comes from straight men typically and it’s because they are afraid of the truth they already know.

So they turn to trying to put it down rather than bow out of the race. Uncut dicks don’t smell anything unlike a circumcised dick and unlike a circumcised dick, uncircumcised ones can show their heads when they want or slide that sexy foreskin over it if they don’t plus when erect they look exactly the same but uncut dicks are easier to jerk off. No lube needed!

So the next time you’re in the presence of an uncut dick or know someone with one – submit, serve and spoil those big uncut dicks as they deserve to be. If you don’t know of any then go find an uncut master right now.


  1. faggot donald

    I need a real straight man with a huge fat uncut cock to worship. Please SIR.

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