Cocky Jocks Humiliating Gay Men

Cocky jocks

Nothing stings quite like a humiliating experience. It’s especially bad when it’s cocky jocks humiliating gay men simply because they can.

Not all of them obviously but when you have a group of jocks that have the looks, the body and the arrogance to match — submissive gay men don’t stand a chance.

For those of you that are into cocky jocks and athletic guys — a group like that would leave you vulnerable as all hell and craving even the humiliation just for the chance of interacting with them or maybe even seeing those slabs get pulled out.

Cocky Jocks Humiliate to Dominate

It’s only natural for an alpha to dominate the submissive men around them to the point where they humiliate them in the process. These competitive guys aren’t out to just overpower you, they want to break you down and humiliate you to the point that you’re willing to do whatever it takes to please them.

Cocky jocks are accustomed to handling things a certain way and that involves pulling pranks, screwing around with each other and losing their temper at the drop of a hat.

All I have to say is when you mix those attributes together you have a recipe for some intense and innovative gay humiliation. Just think about all the armpit sandwiches, wedgies, guys being stripped naked and that’s just some of the things taking place among jocks. Want to get used by a jock now? I wouldn’t be surprised after you finished reading that. You might even be craving some cocky college jock cock to own your ass.

You know it’s going to be even worse for a gay guy in the midst of all that straight male testosterone as they all try to outdo each other. You’ll be hard pressed to find a group of guys that can humiliate a gay man worse than some cocky jocks.

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