College Foot Master & More

Your College Foot Master
Image Credit: EdKnightX/ImaMaster

You are looking at your new college foot master. I am a dominant college stud who is constantly horny and in need of cash for parties, chicks and all that type stuff.

I’ve known for a while that you gay foot pigs can’t get enough of my big manly feet. It seems like the sweatier and smellier or they are the more you love them.

But I’m into using gay guys for all sorts of stuff so I’m open to any twisted ass fantasies you may have. It gets my big thick meat rock hard when I see a grown man drop down and beg to serve me like a little bitch. So if you think your up for the challenge then why don’t you come give me a try.

Crawl to Your College Foot Master!

One thought on “College Foot Master & More

  1. Hi. I would like to be dominated and trampled by you! I’m from the Houston, Texas area. Where are you from?

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