Dirty Briefs, Jocks and Underwear Sniffing Queers

Underwear and Jockstrap Sniffing

You queers are into some funny ass shit. Speaking of which… how about all of you that are into dirty briefs, smelly jocks and underwear sniffing? Can’t get enough of that manly dick and ball stink can you?

Hell no you can’t! You see a pair of boxers or a sweaty jock laying around and plenty of you start getting hard and want to snatch them up. Why? So you can dig around in them like a horny pig and of course stuff your nose in so you can take in that man essence. That musky man essence.

Lets be honest here. You probably couldn’t even hold a straight face if one of us masters called you out on your underwear sniffing fetishes. If anything you’d start getting horny again and probably thinking about his!

Ass Worship or Scent Sucking Underwear

I’ve often wondered if this underwear sniffing fetish was just another form of ass worship and I think it is to a certain extent. The only thing is, like many other fetishes, not all guys are into just sniffing the asses in the briefs, boxers or whatever.

Many of you gay pigs and queers love sucking the scent out of the crotch more than anything. You know, like really getting in there and snorting those crotches and cock pouches. Taking that into consideration it should probably just be deemed it’s own fetish.

How about you? Are you into scent sucking some dirty underwear or does it seem nasty to you? Let us know your thoughts and reasoning behind it.


  1. mike kline

    I love when a guy leaves a nice chocolate mess for me to suck clean!

  2. Stu1295@gmail.com

    Will pay anything to sniff dirty, worn, stinky, skid marked underwear.

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