Dominant Muscle Masters

Dominant Muscle Masters

Can you handle the power of Dominant Muscle? No you can’t. Your horny ass would start trembling and just dying to kneel down and take it the superior body in front of you. Why try to deny that?

It’s your nature to submit to dominant muscle masters.

After all they have the body and the packed bulge that you never could. Your whimpy, scrawny or even flabby body can’t compare so why not do the next best thing and worship the perfect masculine physique.

Dominant Muscle Masters Break Bitches Down

When in the presence of a dominant muscle master you should know how to act and that’s utter adoration coupled with compliments and letting them know you are there ready to serve however they see fit.

Whether it’s getting pushed around, made to sniff some pits, oil up and massage our bulky muscle or just simply to get a throttle throat poking – you should be prepared to take it however they dish it out. The last thing you’d want to do is feel the force behind all that muscle.

Go and find your dominant muscle stud today and get started on your worship regimen.

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  1. i want be a big slave !!!!!!!!

  2. I would love to service you, Sir.

  3. It would be my pleasure to serve you, Sir.

  4. elliott schwartz

    I only would serve someone if he is muscular, or very muscular, and dominant. like also to be nude, and get spanked..

  5. elliott schwartz

    have three fetishes, nudity, spanking, and G-string usage. anxious to hear from a dominant muscle master over 45

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