Frat Boys Humiliating Inferior Queers

Frat Boys humiliating inferiors
Image Credit: HandsomeRoger1/ImaMaster

You may have wished you could be  one of the frat boys but you knew they’d find out you were an inferior queer and who knows what could come from that.

Your own fear kept you away but it doesn’t have to any longer. Odds are you wouldn’t have got your ass kicked by us, you would have just been humiliated beyond belief and used as the house-bitch — you probably would have loved it.

Now that you can’t go back to college you can do the next best thing — endured humiliation from frat boys on webcam and take the abuse you deserve since way back when. Just like any real college frat house these guys are up all night partying and using gay guys as they see fit. That means domination, submission, humiliation, verbal abuse and a slew of other fun things to experience.

Frat Boys Humiliating You Anytime

Plenty of us access the internet by more than just the computer, you know such as smartphones and tablets. Well now imagine no matter what you’re using you have an arrogant cocky ass frat boy taunting you and humiliating you everywhere you go. That’s crazy, right? But that’s reality.

Just find one of the frat brothers online that you want to get into it with and feel free to tell them all those fag thoughts so they know just how to use your ass properly. Let your frigging mind go crazy thinking of stuff to experience.

For example imagine waking up and watching a hot frat boy walking around with that morning wood sticking out and laughing at you while he does it.

Here’s another example, how about you’re home on your day off getting verbally abused and made fun of by some frat boys chilling in their jockstraps just knowing how weak it makes you. See what I’m saying? Get in on the action and go get some!

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  1. YOu are just what i been looking for on here my nmae is john please hit me up that way we can talk more about a date.

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