Gay Ass Sniffing Drives Me Crazy

Gay Ass Sniffing Master

So this is the topic of conversation; gay ass sniffing drives me crazy. Can you imagine?

Well you should be now at least. Gay ass sniffing is something every real master will come across when dealing with a slave at some point especially if you have several slaves like most of us do.

Anyway, to make a long story short these pigs want to get right in between our manly and usually hairy ass cheeks, put their noses right up to our holes and take a nice deep inhale.

It’s the true manly scent that a straight man’s ass gives off apparently that drives these ass worshiping fiends crazy. Of course others are just addicted to the scent of a ripe butt hole and a few enjoy it because they know that’s where their place is; below a real man’s asshole.

Luckily though for those of you reading this who are superior male ass lovers your in luck because all of us masters around here have no problem making an inferior slave get down there and not only spend time sniffing ass but we will have you sniffing jocks, dirty underwear you name it and we will bury your nasty nose there.

On the other hand we know there are varying levels of this whole gay ass sniffing drives me crazy phenomenon which is why we make sure to really get into a gay servants brain so we know exactly what will drive them crazy.

In closing for you ass sniffers, the next time your going about your day trying to not feel submissive around us real men just imagine one of us standing there in front of you bending over in a tight pair of boxer briefs, telling you to come and take a good long sniff. View me online if you can handle it.


  1. Master,

    I am a gay slave and I know I am inferior to a master like you. I would do anything to be able to sniff your ass and use my tongue in it. It would be my honor to have you sit on my face as I do anything you tell me sir. Please dominate this fag slave and use me as you desire Master!

    slave Adam

  2. I’m a faggot pig who like to serve a master like. I feel honored to have you sit your delicious ass on face as I lick your hole.

  3. stuart beinhacker

    pay to sniff masters ass pay more to eat your ass

  4. Please allow me the honor of paying for master’s farts, smelly ass feet socks balls. This slave needs to be completely dominated.

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