Gay Ass Training from a Dominant Master

Gay ass training

Sure it’s a fetish but it’s also another way dominant masters train slaves. Gay ass training from a straight master is all about getting that ass prepared to be the slut it wants to be.

Maybe you crave things up your ass aka your homosexual vagina or perhaps you are nervous about it and need a real man to bust that hole open — either way gay ass training is the way to get your ass prepped and ready for use by real men with the sexual needs of real men.

What is Gay Ass Training?

Gay ass training is the repetitive use of a submission gay bottom’s ass so that it is always easily pound-able just like a woman’s vagina is. So in most cases a gaydom will want his slave or bottom-boy to use dildos, butt plugs or vibrators to work that ass out but of course others become more creative with what they use.

Typically straight closet queers have a hard time sneaking sex toys into their homes without their wives or girlfriends finding out so they might be more apt to use a carrot or some shit. Hey whatever it takes to morph that manhole into a man-pussy is all that matters.

It will be up to the master to order the gay ass slave how and when he should get trained as well as how intense it gets.  You must remember there is a big difference between gay ass training coming from a Straight Master vs a Gay Top. A straight man is interested in pounding pussy whereas a gay top wants gay ass. See what I’m saying? No?

In other words a Straight Master training your ass is going to want to make your hole as close to a pussy ass possible and a gay top if he is into gay ass training, odds are he is probably one twisted sadistic bastard that is more bent on BDSM than the pussification of a gay guy’s ass.

So what do you think about gay ass training? Would you offer your hole to a gay top or a straight master and why? If you want to start your training immediately, grab a dildo and find your master online now.

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