Gay Ass Worship Slaves

Gay Ass Worship Master

Get that nose sniffling because it’s gay ass worship time for you slaves.

The man scent coming from the crack of a straight man’s ass leaves you pathetic pig in your place, sniffing and sucking the scents into your nostrils. It’s a beautiful scent isn’t it.

Our manly musk and big cum filled balls bags hanging between our legs as we bend over in a pair of briefs or well worn boxes for you to snort at is something you simply can’t ignore. It’s what you gay ass worship slaves fantasize about constantly.

The things you would do to get your face in between our cheeks are hilarious and the fact that you can’t resist the urge to bury your nose and even your tongue deep into our ass cracks makes it even more funny to experience. So go on and bow down to what you know already owns you. It dictates your life and causes you to constantly look for a straight man’s ass to worship.

You Deserve to Be a Gay Ass Worship Slave

It’s your place to be our ass cleaners, crack lickers and sweaty bung lovers. Kneel down and assume to the position in hopes we will show off our muscular asses and maybe even sit on your face.

We know you’d love that and we plan to use it to our benefit. You’re already craving ass so come see ours live right now. Can you handle being teased and taunted by a real man on cam; we don’t know if you can but it will be fun to watch you try.

You know you love worshiping a hot guys ass and if you’re really into it you should check out the gay ass sniffing audio erotica on our site.

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