Gay Bottom Boys Put in Their Places

Gay bottom boys.

So many gay bottom boys run around trying to top from the bottom and run things like some dumb bitch.

Forget that shit! It’s about time these pig bottoms get put in their places. You know where that is? I’ll tell you exactly where it is. Gay bottom boys deserve to do one thing only and that is be in service to real men, straight men and dominant top studs.

These flamers think they can rock like they have a pussy but they aren’t even on that level. They are just a fuck-toy for men like me to break down, bitch and use like the holes they are. Even that only comes if they are lucky enough.

Gay Bottom Boys Are About to Be Real Bitches

You sissy bitches can complain all you want but why don’t you face the facts instead. You are a feminine acting flaming sissy bottom boy that needs to get dominated, used and turned out like some real bitches. Trust me men like me know what to do with those limp wrists and girly lisps — make you a real bitch and pound out!

Did saying, pound out, turn you on? Your holes will need to earn the privilege of penetration from a real man and you know that. Earn your place and get put in your place and then maybe some of you gay bottom boys can start truly enjoying life for once. Ready to be the real you?

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