Gay Chastity Device: The Chrome CB6000

Gay Chastity Device

Well look what we have here! It’s a gay chastity device or in other words, a device to lock up your gay cocks and keep them under lock and key by your master.

However this isn’t just any ole’ chastity device this is the top of line type shit. No flimsy plastic or junk that you can easily break and free your cock from. These gay chastity devices are chromed out and rock solid — just like your dick will be if master ever unlocks it!

Gay Chastity Device Construction

Not only is this better looking than those plastic ones but it’s all around better constructed and molded in a way that keeps things comfortable.

For those of you that will be locked for a long time, you’ll be happy about that. Best of all you can even wear this in the shower so no excuses to get it taken off early!

Are you ready to lock up that cock? Master is!

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