Gay Feet Sniffing Audio Recording

Gay Feet Sniffing Audio Recording

We have another hot audio recording this time for you gay feet sniffing fiends.

How many nights have you spent slapping the hell out of your micro-meat thinking about crawling over to start sniffing and inhale the manly essence of a man’s feet? Plenty I’m sure.

Now you can hear it from a real Master’s mouth as he tells you how he wants his feet and socks sniffed. Maybe if you’re lucky he’ll even stuff those puppies right into your mouth for a flavorful taste of man feet.

Gay Feet Sniffing Audio Erotica: Sniff Master’s Feet!

There is no hiding your faggoty fantasies and fetishes from a real dominant footmaster. Now’s the time you take a taste of what it’s really like down beneath those feet where you belong!

Listen Now!

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