Your Gay Foot Master

Your Gay Foot Master

It’s about time you pathetic toe suckers serve your gay foot master the right way.

The only purpose in life should be kneeling down by my feet worshiping me like the true superior King that I am.

My size 13 feet break you down turn you into a groveling little slave that does nothing but lust after my feet like an addicted pig.

For your information I have tons of sneakers, boots, dress shoes and socks to tease you to no end with. Now I just need a good foot fetish freak to help dress my feet, wash my feet and straight up devote your time to the admiring and tributing my manly soles.

Serve Your Gay Foot Master

What do you need in your life? Are you a greedy little foot pig who wants to keep all the sweat to himself or are you the type who wants to watch these gigantic boots stomp down and ruin your world.

Bring it your new foot master and serve the greatest! If you want get into some foot fetish phone chat we can do that too.

Master Featured Above: HandsomBOY


  1. Please let me be your foot pig.

  2. Where are you located, SIR?

  3. Want to devote all my time and money to masters feet. Will be hypnotised by your foot odor.

  4. fart+footslave

    I wanna sniff your feet and farts, master!

  5. SIR where are you located?
    I am a foot pig.

    piggy here

  6. Dear master,
    I will literally do anything to become your permanent slave. Please tell me what to do master. Every thought of you brings on feelings stronger thAn I’ve ever had before. I love you as a slave loves his master.
    Your foot slave

  7. Let me be your slave!

  8. Where in the U.S. are you, SIR?

  9. Mmmmm, hello my gay foot master! I am Shawna, a crossdressing sissy fag who absolutely loves feet, especially big man feet!! I would love to be your sissy foot slave, dressing up like a pretty gurl and worshipping your big hot feet and toes! I want to suck your toes like they were ten yummy cocks attached to your feet. I would rub, lick, kiss, and suck your big toes and feet anytime, anywhere!! Would you like a little sissy foot slave my foot master??

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