Gay Master for Humiliation and Verbal Abuse

Gay Verbal Abuse and Humiliation
Credit: StoneyBlaze on ImaMaster

How many of you crave gay humiliation and verbal abuse?

Hopefully plenty of you do because when I see a gay man all that I can think about is verbally abusing him, humiliating him and then turning him into my cock slave.

Just like women do, you gay guys crave cock and need it inside of you. Who knows maybe if you serve your purpose good enough I might let you take a suck off the knob or allow you to take a 20 minute pounding from me while I watch the game.

I’m a tatted up bad boy that won’t think twice about bitching you out and breaking you down into my bitch slave. I get off on the gay humiliation I dish out on you so don’t expect me to go easy on you.

Gay Verbal Abuse Awaits You Pigs

You queers deserve the verbal abuse I throw at you and the gay humiliation that comes from it. But you know what the most pathetic part is? You get rock hard and turn into a nymphomaniac for my dominating abuse. Time to get bitched properly by a straight bad boy like me.

7 thoughts on “Gay Master for Humiliation and Verbal Abuse

  1. SO FUCKING TRUE SIR. Please PLEASE own my worthless faggot ass SIR???? My skype name is same as on here, please add me SIR

  2. I need to be verbally degraded by a dirty dom top who uses force make me eat out his ass and more. Help me get someone

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