Gay Muscle Dom for Money Slaves

Gay muscle dom
Credit: FitMuscle_ForU on ImaMaster

If there is one thing that I love more than anything it’s dominating others. I’m a full on gay muscle dom that takes pride in turning gay men into my personal slaves and pets.

My superior body and strength will easily overpower even the strongest of queers. Whether it’s my solid bicep around your neck or just a good body slam you can bet your hungry ass I’ll have you broken down and put in line with ease.

Submit to Your Gay Muscle Dom

A gay muscle dom demands and deserves obedience and respect. After all you’re dying for me to play into your nasty ass kinky fetishes like sniffing my crack, wearing my jock over your head and sucking my toes (among other things). I know all about your crap so you do what you do best – submit to a real man you sniffling little bitch.

Get in Touch with Me

Now your inferior dick is probably getting hard so it’s time to bite the bullet and assume your place in life which is groveling before your master.  Get in touch with me now and be prepared to take the verbal beating of a life time.

Oh and just to amuse me: What is it about me that turns you on the most? Let me know in the comments.

6 thoughts on “Gay Muscle Dom for Money Slaves

  1. Hey. I’d love to be your slave, master. What turns me on is your muscles, lips, cocl, armpits and feet. Please use me.

  2. Will be your slave for life! Will give you anything to have the privilege of eating your dirty ass and sniffing your feet and socks. I dream about being hypnotized by a true master like you

    1. Visit my link at the bottom of the article. Oh and yes sometimes I use skype too for phone sex.

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