Gay Muscle Masters Dominate Beta Males

Gay Muscle Masters

Does the idea of a dominant gay muscle master ruling over you, turn you on? You’re not alone, you’re one of many beta male bitches that knows there place.

It’s only natural for inferior men to feel the urge to submit and serve an alpha — so you’re not weird, you’re just serving your rightful role.

The only thing that differs is when it comes to what exactly turns each of you on about it. Some of you love ripped man muscle and others just love the sweet scent of manly body odor after a major workout. The one thing that remains the same is your constant need to be dominated and owned by a ripped gay muscle master.

Submit & Serve a Gay Muscle Master

So why not just quit sitting around day dreaming or sneaking peeks at the gym when you could chat with a master online and start getting used immediately. What are you waiting for you? Do as your superior tells you and prepare to submit & serve!


  1. How do I sign up to worship the man?

  2. Pete Strifler

    Hello Stud Master! Would like to suck your ears, be forced to eat your cum and drink the royal gold. Be dominated by you physically!

  3. sir,i want to be your slave

  4. Two novice slaves need Master for training in or near Western NC. Would like Master to have land where pig slaves are forced to be need 24/7 Thank You SIRs!

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