Gay Muscle Stud for Worship


Inferior slaves know that when you are in the presence of a gay muscle stud it’s time to submit. No doubt about it their superior bodies deserve worship, deserve being adored and complimented and of course need to be serviced however the muscle stud sees fit.

Your place is down at their feet, admiring their ripped bodies, massive quads and big thick slabs of dick they have tucked away. Beg them to allow you the privilege of feeling up their biceps or licking their pecs while they laugh at your expense. It’s all part of being a muscle worshiping slave so embrace your true nature.

Worship a Gay Muscle Stud

A gay muscle stud is there to be worshiped. Why else would we make sure our bodies are so chiseled and perfect if we didn’t expect them to be looked at in awe. Come learn your place and how to truly appreciate a superior muscular body.

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