Serve the Gay Muscle Stud

Gay Muscle Stud

You know you’ve been thinking about serving a gay muscle stud like me.

I am the Alpha Male that makes you so weak you can’t do anything but submit to my needs. Your an inferior little bottom boy who wants to please a real man like me.

Whether it’s my ripped body, hot  meat or my tight virgin ass. Most likely you can’t say the same for your hole, can you?

Kneel Before the Gay Muscle Stud

You’d cough your holes up to me in a heart beat so don’t fool yourself. It boils down to this; I am the Master and you are a slave. So take your place and kneel in the presence of a real gay muscle stud. Always up for anything so you bring it on and see if you can shock me; it’s impossible.

If you are not lucky enough to find me when I am online, you can always get used by one of my fellow gay muscle hunks.

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