Gay Sissification Training for Feminine Fags

Gay Sissification Training

We might as well address it head on and gay sissification training is exactly what is required for all of you feminine fags.

You see it’s clear as day after one takes into consideration your small inferior penises, limp wrists, cravings for loads and a number of various other factors, that you are desperately in need of gay training.

The only downside is there is no way for everyone to, just so happen to live down the street from one another. Which is why submitting to online gay sissification training utilizing webcams, microphones and smartphones is the fastest way to get your bitch asses into line.

Sure there are some of you fags that play the manly man card decent (not really) but there are those of you that are as feminine as can be and practically should transform your asses into vaginas because we both know your a sissy girl on the inside. Time to make it happen.

Spread It & Prepare: Gay Sissification Training

You were probably hoping it would all have to do with spreading it but oh no it goes much deeper than that for most of you. We are talking full blown sissification; panties, bras, makeup, manginas — you name it!

Now it’s time to take your first step down the right path and begin your gay sissification training. Spread it, get it twitching and get ready to get bitched.


  1. I am ready to be a Sissy…

  2. With what I should begin?

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