Gay Slave Needed for Use

Gay Slave Needed for Staight Man

Let me tell you why I need a gay slave to use. As a straight man and naturally dominant master I find myself with plenty of kinky stuff I want to do that my women just won’t at times.

Well instead of trying to pressure them I figured why not use a pig who will love bowing down to my kinks and taking the abuse I love to dish out.

Some of things I’m talking about are rimming, intense deep throat training and of course when I get really horny it can lead to all sorts of things. I’m the type of guy that when I’m hard, who knows how far I will take things but one things for sure; I love to use this tool hard and for long periods of time.

Can you blame me? I’m packing 8 inches long when hard and over 7 inches around and more than willing to prove it.

Gay Slave Needed for Extreme Use

After I’ve had a few drinks and am kicking back stroking this thing is when my kinkiest of thoughts start coming out and I found how eager you gays are to serve a straight guy so that’s why I’m here.

As far as I’m concerned a mouth is a mouth and an ass is an ass. Both of them need to get plowed out and that’s what I love to do. The more you squirm and yell the harder I get. Now do you think you can handle being my gay slave or do I need to force you into submission?

37 thoughts on “Gay Slave Needed for Use

  1. Master I need to serve a perfect straight master like you. I’m ready to serve but may also need to be forced and molded into the slave you need. How do I begin. Please email me.

  2. I am from India. I want to go abroad for higher studies. If you let me live at your home throughout my course… I will serve you in any possible way. You can slap me hard, make me lick your ass clean, massage your feet with my toungue, even shit over my face and force me to eat or get beaten hard. Whatever you want I will do.

  3. Willing to be a gay sex slave for your desires. I’ll be your maid or slave or dog, idc just use me n force me to be your perfect lil slave thank you Sir for looking at this

  4. I am a young lonely white slaveboy who is 25 years of age 5-10 170 lbs light brown hair
    blue eyes mustache 6 1/2 inch cock seeking a master to train me as soon as possibly
    will always be naked with a leash and collar on me

  5. I wish to serve you Master. I am a gay sissy cd. I wish to be on my knees before you looking down and waiting for your commands. I would be dressed like a sissy and pimped out to give you money for your time to use me.

  6. Sir
    I would love to serve you I’m a mature slave smooth body 6feet clean.Have a nice ass several holes which are to your disposal.Sir please consider Thank you

  7. In a faggot sub bitch that would love to have and choke on your hard superior alpha clock and guzzle down ever drop of cum you have master

  8. I will suck cock, let you fuck my asshole hard, and I will be your sex slave that you can give hardcore spankings to and group fuck my asshole hard

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