Gay Sock Sniffer Needs a Footmaster

Gay sock sniffer

As a self-proclaimed gay sock sniffer, I always find myself in need of a master.

For me gay guys just don’t do the trick for me, I always crave a man that thinks it’s hilarious that I want to be a sock sniffer or more importantly, want to see his socks and get teased by them.

It’s even hotter if they have never heard of gay foot fetishes or sock fetishes because then they really have a sort of disgust for me while at the same time get a kick out of it. What can I say? I guess I am a sock sniffing pig that loves humiliation and teasing in the mix as well.

Just seeing a guy hold his sock foot out towards he webcam, looking like it’s right in my face is enough to almost make me shoot my load right then but I always try to edge myself for awhile first because it feels so much better that way.

This Gay Sock Sniffer is Hooked

I get so hooked at seeing guy’s socks that I can usually edge for an hour or more depending on the guy. Whenever I get the craving I head over, find a master online and immediately start begging to see & serve their socks — that really gets them laughing too.

Anyway I hope I’m not the only sock sniffer out there that feels this way and always craves being used by a footmaster. I just wanted to share my thoughts and let everyone know how this foot slave feels but I’d love to hear from other sock lovers as well so leave me some comments!

One thought on “Gay Sock Sniffer Needs a Footmaster

  1. You’re so not alone dude! I’ve wanted a Sock Master since I was in elementary school! Can’t think about anything else. Look at men’s socks and socked feet everywhere, all the time! I’d be a Straight Man’s slave 24/7 just to get to have his smelly socked feet in /on my face every day.

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