Get Feminized Into a Straight Man’s Bitch


It’s something you’ve always wanted but could never get. You need it – you have a need to get feminized and turned into a straight man’s bitch. Sure not every single gay guy in the frigging universe does but lets not mess around tons of you do and can’t help but get your sissy clits rock hard fantasizing about it all the damn time.

Just the idea of taking the place of some slut and being a piece of meat or a piece of property for a straight man to own and use how he sees fit, drives you insane with queer lust. Hell lets be really honest here. Plenty of you would put on panties and a little slut skirt if a straight man ordered you to without hesitation. You’d flip it, wiggle that ass and beg to get pounded down.

You Ache to Get Feminized

Just like a woman newly in love you’d soon be willing to do whatever it takes to keep that real man meat coming back to blast some more nuts off on or in you even if it meant becoming a feminized flame that just wanted to please their Master like a good little bitch.

We think it’s about time you got a taste of exactly that and started your progression towards becoming a straight man’s bitch. Find a superior straight guy to chat with and begin with now.

2 thoughts on “Get Feminized Into a Straight Man’s Bitch

  1. Mmmm, I so wish to be a feminized sissy bitch for a gay, real man!! The thought alone does make my little sissy clit very hard! I’d enjoy slipping into a pretty pair of panties and a little skirt to shake my girlyboy butt in hopes of arousing a sexy gay man. Any men want a gay, little, sissy bitch to dance for you, and after suck you good before you fuck my queer sissy ass??

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