Some Guys Love Sniffing Butts

Sniffing butts fetish.
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What more can I say? Some gay guys love sniffing butts. They savor the scent and suck in the sweetness of a superior man crack. Yeah I said it because it’s the truth.

Gay ass worship and butt sniffing fetishes are very real and thriving today.

With the gay fetish lifestyle coming out more than ever, straight guys have found this out and are using it to their advantage and so are plenty of gay guys too.

The ass slave constantly fantasizes about the raw musky scent of a man’s sweaty butt crack all the while experiencing waves of humiliation and submission come over them. Just the thought or better yet a whiff of the essence leaves them constantly craving more of it.

Do All Gay Guys Love Sniffing Butts?

Not at all. In fact most likely most of them don’t love sniffing butts but the ones that do; they don’t just love it, they need it. Like any fetish they are consumed with sniffing butts because it is the thing that turns them on the most. They love sniffing ass cracks as much as regular gay guys love dick. It’s the equivalent to them — it is what turns them on and gets them off.

Sexual fetishes are a much stronger force than a simple attraction to something. For example you may love checking out straight guy’s asses but that doesn’t give you an ass fetish, that means you like guys butts.

On the other hand if nothing gets you hard or turns you on like sniffing butts, now you have a fetish on your hands. However no one needs to worry thanks to us we have given all these horny butt sniffers a place to dwell and adore as much man crack as they can handle.

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  1. stuart beinhacker

    pay anything to sniff your butt

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