Hot Muscle Stud to Worship

Muscle Stud Worship
Image Credit: CoolMuscle69/ImaMaster

There’s nothing sexier than a hot muscle stud to worship. Which is why I’m here for all you submissive slaves to adore and get off to. I’m ripped from head to toe, confident and love showing off this hard body I’ve worked for.

If you’re really good I might even let you watch me workout and get a nice heavy sweat brewing for you. I know the scent of real man drives you crazy and seeing me all sweaty in just my jockstrap will have you dropping to your knees in no time ready to obey the muscle stud.

My muscles deserve to be rubbed on, licked and complimented constantly. They are made for worship from inferiors, scrawny twinks and fat pigs. You know where your place is so assume it and prepare to bow  down to a truly hot muscle stud.

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