Hung Master for Maggot Slaves

Hung Master for Slaves
Image via COOLMASTER69 on ImaMaster

You are looking at a Hung Master in search of inferior maggots to serve me properly.

That’s right I love leather and other tight clothing over my big log of meat so you can really see the outline. Fag slaves deserve nothing more than to throb for me seeing that big bulge wanting to bust out.

Well today is your lucky day because now I am allowing submissive gay slaves the honor and privilege of serving me on my webcam.

Can You Handle a Hung Master?

Tell me what you are horny for and let the real master show you how I own a bitch. I’m a 27 year old ripped dominant guy who gets pleasure from hearing you go crazy over my superior body and dick.

3 thoughts on “Hung Master for Maggot Slaves

  1. I am a worthless sub fag. I need to be exposed online and told to write on my body like a pathetic whore. Thank you master

  2. would love to do your bidding, kiss your feet, cook for you, suck your cock, be there to be at your beck and call, to feel your belt on my back, be owned by you.

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