Jacking Off with Friend’s Boxers

Jacking off to friend's boxers
Image Credit: DanyelHunter/ImaMaster.com

For the past few years I’ve been jacking off with my friend’s boxers.

It wouldn’t be to bad if he knew I was doing it but he is clueless as I continue squirting into them and sneaking them back into his apartment. He has a hamper right next to his bathtub and I can always find his worn dirty boxers in there.

I get turned on over the scent of his dick, balls and ass, just the manly scent he puts off but I feel so guilt about it and perverted after I squirt. How can I stop the frigging madness already? Help Masters!!!

Jacking Off and Feeling Like a Pervert

I’m going to say this straight up because it’s the truth. Odds are you will never stop doing what you’re doing until he busts your ass. Sooner or later he’ll notice, stumble on to you stealing them or find a crusty load in his boxers.

The only other way I see this coming to an end is when you move on to your next horny perv thing to do. Sorry I told you I was going to be honest! You love the scent of a man’s sack and prick too much to just stop now — we both know that don’t we.

What else can be said? In fact I’d suggest reading our article on gay guys that love sniffing butts. It explains how some gay guys simply love to do it and need it more than anything else sexually.

Let us know how it turns out in the long run, you pervert.

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