Jockstrap Sniffing Gay Slaves

Jockstrap Sniffing

You jockstrap sniffing gay slaves are just as funny as you are pathetic. I mean how many nights go by that you aren’t sitting around jacking off thinking about burying your face in sweaty jock fresh off a ripe ass; not many.

You just can’t get enough of the scents and the thoughts of where it’s been.

That’s alright though we understand you just love the smell of men’s balls, sweaty ass and raw dick that has been packed away in that athletic supporter. After all it’s soaked up all the manly juices and been so tight over all those hot spots you wish you could bury your face.

You’re a Jockstrap Sniffing Addict

Just face the facts, you’re a jockstrap addict and cock pouch snorting pig slave. It’s just your nature so embrace your place; begging to bury your face into a nice rank strap.

Just give into those piggish desires that you have constantly and check out the superior college frat boys and athletic studs on cam.

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