Lick the Balls First and Then the Boots

Image Credit: Aalbialayk via ImaMaster

Listen we need to clear something up right quick.

There are tons of guys out there that have foot fetishes for boots, sneakers and every other option out there but they also crave guy’s balls and packages.

So with that said there has been some confusion about how to approach combining the two. What I want to do is point out how to handle that situation when you’re serving a straight dominant master.

Licking Balls and Boots

First thing’s first. Don’t start at the feet unless you’re told to. You gotta think, most of us straight guys aren’t into being completely filthy bastards so having that crap off our shoes being lapped unto our nuts isn’t gonna fly.

The way to handle this is to always start at the balls first and work your way down to the boots. That way you’re not getting to savor the flavor but you aren’t getting our junk all nasty. So just remember the saying; ‘balls then boots’ and you’ll be all set to move forward with your gay foot fetish fun.

What do you think about it?

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