Master Oliver Pumping Gay Pay Pigs Dry

Master Oliver for gay pay pigs

If there is one thing I love about gay pay pigs it’s that they are there to be drained, used and pumped for pig cash until there is nothing left.

Sure maybe you worked hard but it doesn’t matter because what matters is pleasing your master and through pleasing me, you will gain pleasure from that. Every dollar you drop into hands is another bit of pleasure for you.

You see me. The body, the looks, the attitude and trust me — more cock than you can handle. Not to forget my perfect ass but anyway that is what you serve. You will always do as I say, you will follow the orders I give your ass and you will be there for me to use however the hell I want. You want it and crave and are probably getting hard now just thinking about me pumping gay pay pigs dry — now it’s your turn.

Bend Over Gay Pay Pigs

I want you to be prepared when you start serving a gay money master like me. You are going to want to bend over and kiss that cash goodbye. It’s all for me now, it’s all now reserved for pampering my long thick cock while you become my personal submissive gay pay pigs.

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