Mushroom Dicks: Hung with Huge Heads

Mushroom dicks

The shape of a penis, especially big mushroom dicks, seem to really drive some of you wild with dick lust. Maybe it’s just a visual thing or perhaps it’s just another layer of dominance that one can’t deny.

Size clearly matters and having a big mushroom tip to top of your penis certainly can’t hurt. It would certainly make it seem even more intimidating to stare down a long thick shaft with a huge head perched on it. That alone probably has your mouthwatering but let’s dive a bit deeper into the topic.

Hung with a Huge Head

Having a love for big dicks is one thing but if you’re a true cock addict then you want to best there is. A way to narrow down the amount of big dicks out there would be to add in to the equation the size of their head. For example you could compare big dicks with small tips versus a big one with a huge mushroom head.

With plenty of hung guys out there, it can be quite difficult to find one with a huge cockhead. So getting your hands or mouth on one is not for the weak. Only a true cock worship slave will have the endurance to stay on the quest for that hung stud with a long thick dick topped off with a massive mushroom head.

Hooked on Huge Mushroom Dicks

Those of you that are hooked on huge mushroom heads will have no problem with tracking down fat tips to service though. For the diehards it’s practically always on your mind, always thinking about those shrooms popping in and out of your holes.

Guys like that can’t help themselves, they are literally hooked and forever on the quest for that elusive mushroom penis. I’d have to say they are probably even more crazed than the guys that are hooked on big uncut dicks.

In fact it’s literally a dick fetish. Some dick slaves want nothing more than to worship a big mushroom head cock. Often times they will have a small penis themselves or they might be hung but with a very small glans. That’s not to say that’s always the case, for some dick lovers it’s just a preference like any other.

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