Orgasm Denial for Gay Guys

Gay Orgasm Denial
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Orgasm denial! Did that make your gay heart skip a beat? As a Master I know from experience how much you queers love to jack off and have as many orgasms as you feel that you need. That’s fine but there’s one problem — you don’t decide that I do!

Submissive gay guys don’t enjoy the privileges of cumming when they feel like it. Instead you bitches need to get used to having your Master decide when that’s okay for you to do.

After all gay loads are basically worthless especially to a straight master. Being able to experience an orgasm is a privilege that you must earn and plenty of you that crave orgasm denial already know this is true.

Orgasm Denial Makes Obedient Slaves

Whether it’s via a mind-fucking or a chastity device, orgasm denial makes more obedient slaves. We know you want to get off to us but now we call the shots so you can’t just bust a nut and then hide from your gay slave obligations.

Are you ready for a Master to control your orgasms? It’s about time to learn your place, slaves. Lets do this!

4 thoughts on “Orgasm Denial for Gay Guys

  1. A Chasity Device if it could be possible and i would love to be bondage and i also have a foot fetish. my fantasy awaits t be fulfilled. Please let me know what you think and what we can work out hope to see u soon.

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