Serve Jock Master Alex

Serve Jock Master Alex

Hey pigs it’s time to serve Jock Master Alex. Your peeping an athletic college jock who loves kicking back and laughing my ass off at pathetic ass sniffing, nut sucking sissies who can’t get enough of worshiping a straight man.

You look at me and you see exactly what you can’t get; a truly straight man.

About you’d like to worship this dick and help me get a nut off but you should know better than that. I would not let some fags suck on this prick! This dick is here to be sucked off by hot fucking chicks not your gay ass.

The only thing your good for is humiliating, degrading and using like a pathetic cash pig and personal jockstrap sucker. But I tell you what if you do a good job sucking the stains out of my jocks and maybe I’ll let you get into some good man ass cleanup.

Can You Handle Seeing Hot Jock Cock?

Now let me ask you this. Do you think you have what it takes to please a cocky straight jock like me? Let’s find out. I’m available for online chat and also have a webcam to taunt the every living shit out of you with.

2 thoughts on “Serve Jock Master Alex

  1. You’re the straight god this ass sniffing faggot is looking to be an ATM queer for. Been paying my fagtaxes for years, Alex. Thanks.

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