Straight Male Arrogance and Why it’s So Sexy

Straight male arrogance
Credit: Franco Loverboy/ImaMaster

There’s just something about straight male arrogance that drives gay guys crazy.

Not all of them but a growing segment of the gay fetish community is hooked on how arrogant straight men can be. I’m not talking that tiny penis packing, overcompensating type of attitude, we’re talking the real deal only.

The type of arrogance that only applies to men who have superior attributes such as being hung, having a great body, hot face and last but not least, the attitude to match. Straight male arrogance doesn’t even make sense unless those bases are covered.

Straight Male Arrogance: It’s Many Forms

Maybe it’s the way he looks at you in a dismissive manner, the way he pushes on passed you at the office or the grin on his face that leaves you feeling weak in the knees and the ass. These traits shown by powerful straight men have an intoxicating affect on you that you can’t even deny.

Similar to those gay bottoms out there that go to the gym and come across the ripped Adonis who has no problem strutting and smirking his way into the showers with his pound of meat swinging.

Oh and let us not forget the subtle superiority of the type of guy who acts way to nonchalant about his dominating traits — the type that drops his towel as if it’s nothing and gets dressed as all of you gay inferiors stand around trying to catch the drool dangling of your lips.

That type of straight male arrogance is found only in the cream of the crop because to them being superior is natural for them — it’s always been that way for them.

Coming full circle there is also a group of men that are equally arrogant but unfortunately not always as intelligent when it comes to mind twisting aspects of the Master and slave relationship. These arrogant straight men are the jocks, men in uniform and working men of the world.

For muscle worship addicts and admirers of pure male essence these guys are far too much to handle. All the sweat, overly competitiveness and overall cockiness that comes from them are their true areas of domination.

Advice for Lovers of Straight Arrogance

If you’re the type of guy (you probably are) that can’t get enough of the superior attitudes of dominant men then you need to realize that you will always be beneath them.

For masters and tops they will always be out to dominate and rule you in anyway they see fit. So don’t plan to deal with them if you think you can flip the script on them because they will either toss you to the side like a piece of trash or throttle you into submission. Take your pick.

2 thoughts on “Straight Male Arrogance and Why it’s So Sexy

  1. Love straight guys and their natural superiority. Years ago this one suited, macho straight guy at work unknowingly taught me my place due to his sheer swagger, attitude and muscle body under his tight suit. I used to catch him pissing sometimes at the urinals…leg spread, cock out of his suit fly…taking time to shake it off. A real man. Straight man. He was such a fag teaser.

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