You Crave Sucking a Straight Guy

Sucking a Straight Master
Image via ImaMaster

There’s no need for you gay slaves to deny you crave sucking a straight guy.

You love the thought of getting on your knees and serving a straight man’s knob. It’s okay use masters understand your need for real man meat and it’s natural.

There’s a big difference between blowing your queer butt buddy and having a superior straight dude kicking back, gripping your head and using you like nothing more than a hole.

You need that feeling of submission, hell you ache for that feeling. Lowering your self to nothing more than a hole for pleasure in front of another man. Offering yourself to him wanting him to own you with his cock.

Submit to Sucking a Straight Man

You know he’s just going to laugh and verbally abuse you during the suck off session but you can’t resist; your a gay cock sucker slave that can’t shake the desire for sucking a straight guy off.

Rather then even try to resist it just give in and serve a man like he deserves to be. Become that pathetic dick blower you dream of being and bow down before a straight master and his bulge. If you can’t find one locally you should start serving one of the masters online or consider this gay tool for practicing your cock worship skills.

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