Ultimate Form of Gay Submission

True gay submission

When it comes to domination and submission there is one true form of gay submission; total acceptance of your place. You are probably wondering what the hell I’m talking about but we’ll get to that.

You see their are gay men that adore straight guys and those that hate them for the fact that they are straight — I think of them as practically the same except for the only difference between them being that one side has accepted their place and the other fights it.

If you want to truly serve a straight man in any sense of the word then you must understand the role of a true submissive. Being a submissive gay man means that you must accept your role and handle your duties properly with the understanding that the straight guy isn’t attracted to you at all in the way you are to him.

He still loves women, plowing chicks whenever he gets the chance and doing shit gay guys don’t. Your role is that of a servant and gay sex slave that is to be used as he sees fit.

Your Desires vs Your Master’s

Now you may be a foot slave, ass sniffer or even just a professional penis handler but you must remember that master’s desires come first. If you want the chance to indulge in your favorite fetishes and gay fantasies you’ll need to give him everything he wants first.

So if it’s spoiling him with cash, running errands or just becoming a hole that he can jack off with — you do it and in turn you will up your odds infinitely by showing the respect a superior straight master deserves.

Gay Submission Done Properly

At all times a true gay slave should be gaining pleasure from doing things that please their masters. After all that is gay submission in it’s essence; the derived pleasure from doing things to pleasure your superior.

Don’t ask for favors, sniffs of a jockstrap or any other form of personal pleasure until you’ve done everything you can to ensure his satisfaction. Only when you have come to grips with your place and your focus on your master will an inferior gay slave understand their place and show true gay submission.

Like all things — do it properly the first time and reap the rewards that come along with it.

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