Verbal Abuse and Fag Bashing by Online Masters

Verbal Abuse and Fag Bashing Online Masters

Are you a submissive gay man that loves the idea of verbal abuse and fag bashing by a sexy dominant stud? Does it get your boner on the verge of explosion just fantasizing about being overpowered and intimidated by a real man or in other words getting owned.

Some people would frown upon this because they want to get all politically correct and misinterpret what us in the fetish community get into. This is a whole different type of fag bashing. This is about domination, submission and role playing more than anything.

Dominant alpha men are the ones dishing out the verbal abuse and fag bashing but submissive men crave exactly that — not all but plenty of them.

Get Verbally Abused and Bashed

Maybe you’re into feet, big cocks or maybe you’re into leather and BDSM. The unique thing about this realm is that fags of all types are into being verbally abused and fag bashed. So you get guys into asses, cocks, feet, bondage and all sorts of fantasies but want the added humiliation and intensity of the verbal abuse and hardcore domination.

This isn’t about acting all crazy — just a bit sadistic and imaginative. So if you’re looking to get verbally abused and fag bashed then just check out the masters online and see how intense things can get.

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