What Type of Guy Turns You on the Most

What type of guy turns you on the most?

Clicking around feeling bored? Why not think about what type of guy turns you on the most and have some fun here at Straight Master?!

What we are trying to get a feel for is exactly what type of guy(s) turns you on the most when it comes to their looks and style.

Personality plays a major role but for the sake of this bit of fun lets pretend they all have the personality that gets you going and focus on just their looks, style and body type.

What Guy Turns You On? Peep the Types.

Just to get things started, I’m going to list off some general types of guys to get your juices flowing. So lets pee the types of guys out there.

  1. The Biker
  2. The Jock
  3. Hairy Dudes
  4. Rockers & Punks
  5. The All American Dads
  6. The Mystery Men
  7. The Country Boys & Cowboys

Hopefully those examples will get you thinking about all the various types of men out there — it’ll help with the next step — finding a guy that is your type.

Okay so what I’d like you all to do is visit ImaMaster and browse through the guys that are online. Check out their pictures or whatever it takes so that you can find a guy that would fit the bill when it comes to the type of guy that turns you on the most. Once you find him, let us know in the comments what his screen name is and what it is that makes him the type of guy that really turns you on like crazy.

We can’t wait to see the responses so please join in the fun and share this online so we can get as many people as possible. It’ll be cool as hell to see what everyone is into and what type of guys are driving them crazy on a regular basis.

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