Queers Love Arrogant Punks Like Me

arrogant punks

Yeah I know what you queers love. You love arrogant punks like me don’t you. How we just don’t give a shit about being polite or holding back from telling you what’s up.

I’m into heavy metal music, punk and dominating queers when I’m not in class. I don’t live on the college campus so I don’t need to worry about my roommate taking up my time, I’ve got my whole place to myself unless we are over here partying.

Just so you know nothing shocks me and I’m the absolute king of domination fetishes, boot worship and of course having my ass, taint, sack and slab sniffed, licked and gagged on.

Used by Arrogant Punks

What are you queers into? Come tell me all about your kinky fetishes and watch me turn them into reality. I’ll have you begging me to own you and treat you like the slave you truly are.

5 thoughts on “Queers Love Arrogant Punks Like Me

  1. Love being dominated by a young mean punk. Make me your cocksucker, asslicker and whore me out to your buddies. Keep me naked and humiliate me for your pleasure.

  2. I would be your perfect bitch. Would enjoy doing everything you want from being a cash slave to massaging your superior feet and body. No limits here. Face slsp me. Make me serve your friends. Anything you want. I live to serve and take care of my masters needs

  3. Hi. I would like to be dominated and trampled by you! I’m from the Houston, Texas area. Where are you from?

  4. i am willing to be your real life house fag and devote my entire life to you, Use abuse humilate and degrade me any way you desire.

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