Get Used By a Real Man You Sissies

Get used by a real man.
Image Credit: MastersCam

You sissies need one thing in life; to get used by a real man. It’s been years and you’re still fantasizing about having it happen but now you can finally quit whining like a girl and get used.

I am a true master of role playing as well as turning gay fantasies into something unreal when I’m through with it.

My creative and sadistic mind will leave you panting like a true sissy when I’m finished with you. You sissies want to see what it’s like to be treated like a girly girl…like a slut and I intend to do it.

Don’t give me the time wasting bullshit and endless messages. Get your ass ready to do as big daddy tells you to and become my full blown sissy slave.

Get Used By a Real Man You Sissy Twats

I know what you need you sissies. You want to get taken, dominated and man handled like a true bitch. Just the idea of being pushed down and made to slob that knob or get down with your sissy-slit in the air, drives you crazy. I bet that made you ache a little bit deep down inside just reading it.

Enough of the discussion, it’s time that we move along to the real sissy training. Let the training begin!

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