Hung Black Master Ready to Dominate You

Hung black master.

Straight as can be and as big as they come. Your hung black master is ready to dominate and use you fools like you were meant to be used.

I’m over here getting bitches left and right while you homos sit around beating them dicks off thinking about me. All of you aching on my ass, wanting to sniff my dick stinking boxers and then bowing down begging for this big black dick.

You think I’m gonna respect that or dick slap that? That’s right I’m gonna dick that slap the shit out them faces and get you begging for me to nut! You’ll know where your place is by the time I’m done with you.

Hung Black Master’s Faves

I’m into all types of shit but know about foot slaves, ass and dick worship, deepthroat training, verbal abuse and fag bashing. Like I said all types of shit. You just do what you need to do and get that bitch ass over here and start watching, wanking and begging to by my bitch.

12 thoughts on “Hung Black Master Ready to Dominate You

  1. hi sir
    I would love to have you deep throat drain me also if have you slap the shit out my face with your cock
    also love to have you call me names as you fuck my throat
    if your also up for if I have always wanted to have a dom black man like your self pin me down and rape my ass forcing me to take your cock

  2. Hello master. I would love to be your full-time 24/7 sissy-slut. And be trained that the only thing I ever worry about, is pleasing you in anyway possible.. Anytime you don’t feel that I’m giving you everything I can- you punish me. And I’m not talking a kick or a slap. I’m saying you put me over your knee and beat my ass until my eyes are filled with tears, and I’m screaming for mercy.

  3. Hey daddy im looking for a dominant black beast to treat me as a cum dumpster. I will do anything you say. I’m a white twink with a bug ass and want you to train me to be your perfect slave xx

  4. Hello Master,
    I am here to be your BITCH the only name I have is what you call me whenever you use or need me Sir. I have no other purpose than to serve the superior Black man that you are use this worthless white faggot anyway you see fit Sir, make me your cum dump urinal
    your Bith

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