Worshiping Male Muscle and Submitting to the Power

Worshiping male muscle

For naturally submissive men, worshiping male muscle and submitting to the power they possess is completely natural.

Seeing a ripped stud is a sight that is hard not to notice and want to start worshiping male muscle immediately. Men and women alike stare down that body like a pack of wild animals. The masculinity and alpha nature that exudes from them is irresistible especially for gay dudes into muscle worship.

There is no need to be ashamed but rather you should accept your natural role in life and submit to that power. You can’t compete with that chiseled body, so why even try? Just let your desire run rampant and beg for the privilege and honor of serving them.

How to Worship Muscle Properly

If given the chance to worship that hot body make sure to do it right. Adore every inch of that muscular physique. Don’t just pay all your attention on one area such as his massive quads but instead make sure to give each piece of perfection the respect that it deserves because otherwise we will demand it.

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