Massive Muscle God Quads

Massive Muscle God

Muscle worshipers get ready to be in awe. The one and only massive muscle god has arrived and my power quads are ready to be praised.

Always been a muscular guy but after years of hardcore training I’m ripped like a true huge muscle god. My definition is crazy and the power I pack behind all this mass will blow your mind and your balls apart.

With a body like this you have no problem showing it off and being arrogant about my level of fitness. I mean take a good long look at me and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

Wondering if I’m all juiced up and lacking downstairs? Get real my package is as big as my muscles are — you can find that out for yourself.

Massive Muscle God Deserves Praise

Don’t you ever forget that you inferior betas. A ripped muscle stud like me always deserves praise, worship and respect. When I don’t get it, trust me you’ll wish you never crossed a massive muscle god like me.

I’ll crush your scrawny asses and leave you pleasing with me to spare you and let you resume your worship of the real Muscle God!

With that settled…you can start at my quads and work your way up slaves. Do it! Submit to me now.

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