Worship My Sweaty Muscle Pigs

Worship My Sweaty Muscle

You have most likely seen guys like me at the gym working out and flexing up. I love it and love it when you worship my sweaty muscle, pigs.

Don’t worry I know you’re checking me out, eyeballing every inch of my superior ripped young body. Cocky ass jocks like me expect to be bowed down to and worshiped so go ahead and look. Admire all that you’ll never be. Sure you can get ripped but you’ll never be the total package, pigs!

I have that swagger, the look, the attitude and don’t mind showing all of it off. When you’re as hot as I am that’s just what you do. So don’t think for a damn second I’d expect anything less then full blown groveling in front of me when I flex.

Worship My Sweaty Muscle After the Workout

I fucking love that! Just finishing up with a hardcore workout, chest dripping with sweat from all the reps I’ve been banging out and then coming home to have my pumped up body rubbed down and adored. Just know one thing, when I wrap these biceps or my quads around you, you’re going no where. I’ll over power you weakling and show you how I really want my sweaty muscle worshiped.

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