Gay Footmaster Needs His Feet Licked

Gay Footmaster
Image via BrandonX on ImaMaster

You know what I like after a long sweaty workout? My feet licked. I’m a ripped footmaster who loves to abuse submissive gay men with my feet, forcing them down to the ground to grovel.

But it won’t stop there, after I’ve used that face as a foot stool and wiped my sweaty souls and toes across your face, it’ll be time to start licking them clean. Why shower?

You know what I mean? Why shower when I can have a lowly gay foot slave down there licking and sucking the sweat off my superior man feet?

My size 13 feet will make you submit like no other. They are big wide manly feet that were made to dominate and control you. You’ve been dreaming and fantasizing about serving a big set of man feet for quite some time and now here’s your chance to secure your place as my personal foot fetish slave, toe sucker and sole sniffing pig!

Your Gay Footmaster is Here for YOU

Bow down to your gay footmaster and give my feet the praise and worship they deserve on a regular basis which includes after all my heavy workout sessions. For those of you that love licking men’s feet, then you are in for one hell of a treat.

2 thoughts on “Gay Footmaster Needs His Feet Licked

  1. Master, what you charge a fag for the privilege an honor to lick your feet toes etc am interested. Also can they swallow liquid treats from your youthful masculine tap, or pay a dominant Studmaster to lick you out nicely an cleanly in your ass am interested.

    Also Sir if too far apart can i buy your used unlaundered suckable souvenir briefs jocks condoms to suck out on a regular basis as your mailorder cocksucker if you don’t mind bein a fag-feeder am interested. Sir i learned it the duty of fags to serve service satisfy their dominant Studmasters. An thanx for using us fags; Master we all win when you do. – gramps

    1. Hell yeah it’s a win-win situation. You can serve me on webcam and only pay per minute so it will all depend on how long you service me like the hungry fag you are. Prices for all fag budgets!

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