Bow Down to Your Straight Master

Bow Down to Your Straight Master
Credit: Yourmaster92/ImaMaster

All you horny perverted gay guys need to bow down to your straight master and serve me like I deserve.

You know your pathetic compared to me. I am that college jock you always wished you could of been. The guy who pounds all the pussy around campus while you pound your own meat in your dorm room.

I rock tons of sports, work out every week and love turning little bitch boys into my personal slaves and addicted ass and cock worshipers.

It cracks me the hell up when I hear you droning on about your twisted fantasies and fag fetishes but I love to use them against you. Trust me your ass will submit and you’ll do whatever it takes to serve me.

That means it might be sniffing my ripe feet fresh from the gym or burying your face in my pungent pits or who knows maybe mouth washing my ass crack and begging to become my bitch. Sounds great doesn’t it, slave?

Beg to Become Your Straight Master’s Bitch

I do phone sex and sometimes webcam depending on if you earned that shit and I’m into all sorts of stuff. Not to name them all but this will give your horny hole an idea but feel free to tell master about your specific perverted fantasies.


11 thoughts on “Bow Down to Your Straight Master

  1. Master,

    You are perfection! I want to be treated as the fag slave boy that I am by you! Please dominate me and make me your little bitch! I know you are far superior to me in all regards and I will worship you sir! I beg you to let me serve you Master! Please!

    Your slave,

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