Muscle God Flexing to Tease Fags Into Submission

Muscle God Flexing for You.

Feel privileged to be looking at a muscle god flexing up for you like this. A bodybuilder, bitch-magnet and an ex marine, you can bet your tiny bitch balls that I am ripped up like crazy and know how to use this power to break a bitch-boy down to size if I fucking have to.

But either way, I’m typing this up because I want to lure in all you muscle worshipers hiding out there that can’t resist an alpha male body like mine.

There is nothing more hilarious than working out while you watch and get all worked up and then spending the next hour just flexing up, toweling myself down and driving your ass insane. After a flex session you’ll be like putty in the palm of my hands just ready to get worked over real good.

Watch Your Muscle God Flexing & Get Bitched

Hell yeah come check me out and get that ass bitched by a real powerhouse muscle stud. Listen to me — don’t hold back anything from me. I want to hear everything about what it is that makes your ass start twitching for a bitching and leaves you weak and vulnerable.

I want it all to use against you and make you so turned on that you’ll have no choice but to turn into a full blown muscle fag slave just like I like it. Come watch me now and get bitched or should I say come and become my bitch!

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